Konstruksi Microstrip Lungs Antenna untuk aplikasi Global Positioning System (GPS) pada frekuensi 1,2 GHz

  • Rahmania
Keywords: Microstrip, lung antenna, GPS, 1.2 Gz


The advancement of the telecommunications world, developed so fast, especially in the field of very high user-level wireless communications. For tracking and positioning, GPS requires several further innovations with a technology that can cover GPS frequencies. This paper discusses the antenna design for the GPS (Global Positioning System) application that works at a frequency of 1.2 GHz using the lungs antenna. Where the design of this antenna uses HFSS software. For the parameters seen in this design are S11, VSWR, gain, and AR (Axial Ratio). From the simulation results obtained that the type of antenna is a bidirectional antenna where the type of polarization is circular polarization with a value of S11 of -17, 9697 dB and VSWR of 1,2892.